Apocalypse Party

It's the night a deadly asteroid is expected to collide with Earth and destroy all life instantly. In the midst of an end-of-the-world party, a man claiming to be a NASA scientist arrives and claims he can build an electromagnet in the basement that will divert the asteroid's course. While most of the party guests ignore him and just try to enjoy their last hours alive in various ways, a small group refuses to give up hope, and diligently works to construct the device. 

written and directed by Adam Griswold

starring Christopher Watt, Bob Tourangeau, Sheri Lee, Mary Ciulla, Chris Dubey, Todd Weekley, Aurora Grabill, Kate Eppers, Mike Weiner, Mary Higgins, Demitra Papadinis, Mike Goodreau, Randy Veraguas, R.W. Martin, Hannah Heckman-McKenna, Adam Griswold, Allison Matteodo,  and Ryan David Rogers