The Space People Saga

Space People

When Captain Vek Tempus and his Space Squad crew get into an altercation with the evil Lady Gravatox, they're forced to escape through a wormhole and make an emergency landing on the planet Earth. Once there, however, everyone they meet assumes they're all just delusional people in ridiculous costumes, and it becomes increasingly difficult for them to find any help. Soon enough, Vek and his crew befriend a group of scientists who possess an experimental device that may allow them to make contact with their side of the galaxy. At the same time however, Lady Gravatox is moving forward with a diabolical plan to conquer the galaxy in their absence...

written and directed by Adam Griswold

starring Adam Griswold, Hannah Heckman-McKenna, Aurora Grabill, Michael Reardon, Rebecca Howland, Sabrina Cuffie, Jonathan Neves, Collin Snider, Christa Moore, Ian Gatheca, Mike Weiner, Marco Salerno, Demitra Papadinis, Mary Higgins, R.W. Martin, Randy Veraguas, David Kelly, Allison Matteodo, Alyssa Winn, and Kathleen Mandelik

Official Selection at the 2016 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, Super Geek Film Festival, Boston Comic Con Film Festival, StarGate Galactic International Sci-Fi Film Festival, KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival, Exeter, NH's Downtown Cinema Event, and Sweaty Turtle Entertainment's Indie Film Series!

Space People 2

The Space People saga continues in this epic sequel! When Vek Tempus is framed for an assassination attempt on the galactic president, his efforts to clear his name bring him into contact with villains both old and new but strangely familiar.

Starring Adam Griswold, Hannah Heckman-McKenna, Rebecca Howland, Sabrina Cuffie, Jonathan Neves, Collin Snider, Aurora Grabill, Michael Reardon, Demitra Papadinis, Mike Weiner, Marco Salerno, Randy Veraguas, R.W. Martin, Mary Higgins, Christa Moore, David Kelly, Allison Matteodo, Christopher Watt, Mike Goodreau, Rivengurl Hart, Sarah Bird, Abner Valdes, Billy Crowley, Kathleen Crowley, Jason Cunningham, and Ted Siok