Tales of the Inexplicable

An anthology of comedy/horror short films, bringing together five twisted stories of mysterious happenings and supernatural terrors.

An Official Selection at the 2022 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival and Dos Lagos Film Festival!

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written, directed, and produced by Adam Griswold


Down to Clown - Allison Matteodo, Collin Snider, and Randy Veraguas

The Road to Death Mountain - Kris Salvi, Sheri Lee, Bob Tourangeau, and Demitra Papadinis

Beware the Photobomber - Ashley Harmon, Rivengurl Hart, Drew Barker, and R.W. Martin

Bleeding Green - Christopher Watt, Hannah Heckman-McKenna, and Geehae Moon

Witch Filtration - Aurora Grabill, Killarney Traynor, Kate Eppers, and J.R. Fortin

also starring Adam Griswold and the voice of Todd Weekley

Also check out MASS ERADICATION produced around the same time as Tales of the Inexplicable, and made to represent Massachusetts in an upcoming horror anthology with short films from all 50 states. In this super short horror comedy, three women take a trip to the Bay State and run afoul of some vengeful spirits.

written and directed by Adam Griswold

starring Allison Matteodo, Sheri Lee, Geehae Moon, Mike Goodreau, Demitra Papadinis, Mary Higgins, and Randy Veraguas

cinematography by Ethan Aho and original score by Haven Veraguas