Tales of the Inexplicable

Premiering Sunday October 17th in Manchester, NH! An anthology of comedy/horror short films, bringing together five twisted stories of mysterious happenings and supernatural terrors.

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written, directed, and produced by Adam Griswold


Down to Clown - Allison Matteodo, Collin Snider, and Randy Veraguas

The Road to Death Mountain - Kris Salvi, Sheri Lee, Bob Tourangeau, and Demitra Papadinis

Beware the Photobomber - Ashley Harmon, Rivengurl Hart, Drew Barker, and R.W. Martin

Bleeding Green - Christopher Watt, Hannah Heckman-McKenna, and Geehae Moon

Witch Filtration - Aurora Grabill, Killarney Traynor, Kate Eppers, and J.R. Fortin

also starring Adam Griswold and the voice of Todd Weekley