Collected on this page are various old movies and projects that pre-date Smoking Bottle Entertainment.

SCHOOL PROJECTS (Bête Learning Entertainment)

How to Speak French (2002)
Your comprehensive video guide to speaking the French language, attempting to spoof the cheesy educational videos that never seem to go out of rotation.

The Knight Life (2002)
A hilariously awkward project about the warriors of medieval Europe, featuring a simulated battle with Fisher Price toys.

The Samurai Life (2003)
The follow-up to "The Knight Life," covering the warrior class of feudal Japan.

The Smoking Bottle (2005)
The namesake of Smoking Bottle Entertainment, an epic narrative about prohibition and other aspects of American life in the 1920s.


Sub One vs. Dr. Kakro (2008)
A quick animation showcasing a battle royale inside a cafeteria trash can.

The Adventures of Closepin (2009)
An animated short about one character's quest to overcome the obstacles life throws at him.