Quirewood! The Musical

Now in post-production!

In this dark musical dramedy, a well-regarded modern mental institution starts going to hell after an administration change brings in a new doctor with an ignorant, condescending, and sadistic attitude toward his patients. The hospital's numerous residents try to deal with some rather extreme changes in their treatments - all while belting out an assortment of show-stopping musical numbers.

starring Hannah Heckman-McKenna, Bryan Thomas Niedermayer, Carli Elise Hamilton, René Bergeron, Armando Belliard-Harmon, Ashley Harmon, Christopher Watt, Geehae Moon, Drew Barker, Sheri Lee, Jacob Gines, Rivengurl Hart, Todd Weekley, Sarah Reed, Blu Jess, Bob Tourangeau, Mary M. Fleming, Mary Higgins, Wendy Daniels, Mary Ciulla, Sarah Bird, Mike Goodreau, Collin Snider, Devynn Boudreau, Aurora Grabill, and Bjorn Krammer

music by Bryan Thomas Niedermayer

story by Adam Griswold, Hannah Heckman-McKenna, and Rivengurl Hart

screenplay by Adam Griswold

executive producer Bob Tourangeau

produced by Adam Griswold, Hannah Heckman-McKenna, Rivengurl Hart, and Bryan Thomas Niedermayer

directed by Adam Griswold

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