Suburban Spies

Smoking Bottle Entertainment presents the comedic saga of a secretive group's attempt to unravel an international conspiracy in a small
 New England town. Veteran agent Ruby Pomeroy and new recruit Dirk Muldoon don various disguises and affect different personas to visit local establishments undercover and interrogate the eccentric individuals they suspect may be involved with the conspiracy. As they go from place to place and talk to person after person, the plot proves to be crazier than they imagined, and as their disguises become increasingly over-the-top, Dirk and Ruby run the risk of getting a bit too deep into character.

written and directed by Adam Griswold
starring Adam Griswold, Rebecca Howland, Collin Snider, Genevieve Chason, Michael Reardon, Anna Rizzo, Christina Closs, Randy Veraguas, Mike Weiner, Susan Frisch, Jonathan Neves, and Demitra Papadinis