Revenge of the Animals

Jackson Axelrod is the next big thing in Hollywood, or so he would have you think. When he gets an offer to be the spokesman for a new national park, he leaps at the chance to impress his old friends, and recruits a group of them for a nostalgic camping trip. Complications arise right away. First an eccentric homeless man named Fred stows away in the trunk of Jackson's car. Then, Jackson's attempts to woo his old flame Emma lead him to clash with her police officer boyfriend Victor. But just as their internal conflicts are heating up, the group comes to realize that they've been led into a trap. As it turns out, the supposed national park is home to a band of psychotic activists in creepy animal masks who hunt humans for sport with assault rifles. Right away, people start dying, and the group soon gets split up. Some get captured, some meet other survivors, and all of them gradually come to realize that they'll have to put their differences aside and work together if they want to escape from the masked hunters and get out of the woods.

written and directed by Adam Griswold
starring Adam Griswold, Collin Snider, Genevieve Chason, Michael Reardon, Rebecca Howland, Bridget Cadigan, Mike Weiner, Demitra Papadinis, Randy Veraguas, Ariana Ruckle, Marco Salerno, Hannah Heckman-McKenna, Joshua DeMarco, and Jonathan Neves