Taskvale: The Quest for Knowledge

Taskvale: The Quest for Knowledge was a classic semi-educational game created in 1997 with the funding of Oahu Splash Fruity Slush Soda. Join us for a playthrough of its many brain-teasing challenges and perplexing puzzles that's sure to be lots of fun and not at all needlessly frustrating.

written, directed, and produced by Adam Griswold

Starring Adam Griswold, Rivengurl Hart, Drew Barker, Rebecca Howland, Abner Valdes, Aurora Grabill, Collin Snider, Geehae Moon, Mike Goodreau, Demitra Papadinis, Kate Eppers, R.W. Martin, Killarney Traynor, Randy Veraguas, Chris Dubey, Bob Tourangeau, Mary Higgins, and Mary Ciulla