Murder By Upload

For the past several years, Art Fangor has produced educational videos for high-profile video-hosting website However, they have never received many views, with most of the site's visitors preferring to watch funny songs, guys getting hit in the nuts, and especially the clips of adorable dogs uploaded by the site's newest star Helen Spratt. Now, H.D. Spoonbaker, the site's owner is threatening to pull Art's account if he can't bring up his numbers.

Things take a shocking turn when Mr. Spoonbaker is found dead, and Art learns he is suspected of murder. While on the run, he meets a mysterious woman named Angie Velveeta, who convinces him to help her find the truth about Spoonbaker's death. The resulting investigation leads him into the dark underbelly of the web video world, and a network of mystery, intrigue, and corruption.

written and directed by Adam Griswold
starring Adam Griswold, Holly Travis, Rebecca Howland, and Collin Snider

Featured in the Like Life But Shorter Indie Film Series in Dover, NH - April 2012!