Tales of the Inexplicable

Now in production! An anthology of comedy/horror short films, bringing together five twisted stories of mysterious happenings and supernatural terrors. The first four installments, "Down to Clown," "Witch Filtration," "Bleeding Green," and "The Road to Death Mountain" have already been shot, and the fifth, "Beware the Photobomber" is currently in production.


written, directed, and produced by Adam Griswold

Down to Clown - Allison Matteodo, Collin Snider, and Randy Veraguas
The Road to Death Mountain - Kris Salvi, Sheri Lee, Bob Tourangeau, and Demitra Papadinis
Beware the Photobomber - Ashley Harmon, Rivengurl Hart, Drew Barker, and R.W. Martin
Bleeding Green - Christopher Watt, Hannah Heckman-McKenna, and Geehae Moon
Witch Filtration - Aurora Grabill, Killarney Traynor, Kate Eppers, and J.R. Fortin