Quirewood! The MusicalRevenge of the Animals
The Cartoon Man Trilogy
Murder By Upload
The Dolchemock Tapes

Quirewood will be playing November 9th at the SNOB Film Festival in Concord, NH! It previously screened at the 2019 Awarness Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA!

Lights Camera Terror! was an Official Selection at the 2019 KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival in North Hollywood, CA and Best Comedy Short at the 2019 SSFF Spring Shorts Festival!

Based in the Boston area, Smoking Bottle Entertainment produces low budget features, shorts, and web series, including the sci-fi comedies SPACE PEOPLE and SPACE PEOPLE 2 which screened at multiple festivals through 2016 and 2017. The horror comedy short film LIGHTS CAMERA TERROR! is currently showing at festivals, and a new feature film, QUIREWOOD! THE MUSICAL, is set to premiere in July 2019.

Past projects include REVENGE OF THE ANIMALS (2014), a comedy about a group of friends who go on a camping trip and end up being hunted by crazed activists in animal masks, which was awarded Best Comedy at the 2015 Granite State Film Festival,  SUBURBAN SPIES (2014) the comedic saga of two undercover agents trying to unravel a bizarre conspiracy in a small town, THE CARTOON MAN TRILOGY (2012-13) the epic story of various people who transform into crazy cartoon characters, MURDER BY UPLOAD (2011) an old-fashioned murder mystery with some modern twists and THE DOLCHEMOCK TAPES (2011) a found-footage thriller.